These Bags Under My Eyes Are Gucci

These Bags Under My Eyes Are Gucci

There is something about summer that speaks to every college student’s concert loving, festival raging alter ego. This new beauty trend will make it come alive in full force. The trend was introduced during Shiatzy Chen S/S 17 runway show and has since been showcased in Marie Claire and every social media platform.

Chen’s models were pictured with glitter under their eyes in the shape of what resembles an upside down winged liner. Surprisingly, this turned out to be the subtlest version. Pinterest took this look to the next level by spreading the glitter from the bottom of the eye to the top of the cheekbones.

This affordable and easy-to-master trend is a great way to stand out at any concert or festival. All you need is NYX Glitter Primer ($6) and loose glitter. Make sure that both of these items are safe for your eyes so that only tears you shed are because you are watching the Glass Animals perform and not because toxic ingredients are destroying your eyes. Can you tell I made this mistake? Yes? Okay, moving on.

It’s also a good way to cover up those cute undereye bags that you earned because your teacher made you memorize every type of clothing seam for your final exam. Or, you could be a glamorous human who uses glitter instead of concealer after a whole weekend of listening to music and partying at Coachella. If you are this person, I am officially jealous of your whole life.

Because this trend is so versatile, you can use it to enhance almost any outfit! I decided to take this look up the stairway to heaven by wearing a Led Zeppelin T-shirt with my black and white patterned pants. Dr. Martens are the perfect shoes to wear to any concert. You never know when you will have to defend your front row spot that you waited 12 hours for—yes, I remember you ma’am. If someone asks you why you have glitter under your eyes you just add a dramatic pause, look into their judgmental eyes, and say “The bags under my eyes are Gucci.”

Where would you wear this trend? Let me know in the comments below!