You Avoided the Freshman 15, Now Let’s Avoid the Summer 15

August 1st, 2017 at 2:00am
You Avoided the Freshman 15, Now Let’s Avoid the Summer 15

One fear going into college is gaining the freshman 15. Whether you made it through your first year already, or are just beginning the college experience, it’s important to develop an exercise routine, and live an active lifestyle throughout the summer in order to avoid the summer 15. While it would be ideal to eat all the ice cream and pizza in the world and still stay your healthy self, this is only possible if you have some kind of magic powers (if you do let me know how I can get some). But the good news is working out doesn’t have to be boring, and this article will show fun exercises that you can do while still enjoying your summer.

Summer is the time for saving as much money as possible before you leave for school, so paying for expensive gym memberships isn’t in many people’s budget. So this Fashionista decided to workout in the backyard, but you can achieve your workout anywhere from the beach to the park. I’m going to take you through my summer workout routine that you can easily modify to fit into your lifestyle.

The first step is to make sure you stretch both before and after your workout. This will loosen your muscles, and help you have a more productive workout. The next step is to do some form of cardio. Since it is the summer this activity can range from running outside to biking, to even swimming. By doing cardio outside you are enjoying the sunlight and great weather, while also getting a work out in. After cardio, I use my favorite workout app, Sworkit, to complete a set of strength, core, and cardio intervals.

The pictures above show the Fashionista squatting, lunging, doing a plank, and doing crunches. This app lets you set a custom time interval, and will give you a random selection of exercises so each day it will be slightly different. I usually like to end my workout with a few yoga poses. Sworkit also has a yoga section, but there are also many other resources to find yoga poses. I like to bring my yoga mat outside and enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature while the sun beats down on my skin.

We know the workout is the most important part, but it’s also important to dress the part. Danielle pairs her simple black Nike shorts with a bright, summery moisture-wicking tank. She chose a tank because then she can get a nice tan in addition to a nice body. She sticks with the Nike brand and wears lightweight training shoes that are ideal for running and cardio. Lastly, she pulls her hair back from the summer heat with black ninja headband.

You don’t need a large sweaty gym in order to avoid the summer 15. Just grab some of your friends, get outside, and get active. Share your workout with us on social media @CFashionista.