Casey Lepkowsky

Hello my pretties and welcome to my page. I am a student at the sunny University of Tampa and I cordially invite you to take a look into my fashion world. I am originally from the great Long Island, New York. Yes, New York is not just a state but a culture. I fell in love with fashion at the age of twelve and it has forever been a priority in my life. I believe that fashion is the best way to express yourself and nothing brings me more joy than finding beautiful pieces and styling together a chic outfit. Fashion is all about leaving an impression and that is always my goal when styling. As much as I love the mall and online shopping, boutiques are where my heart lies. My style is constantly changing and upgrading. Currently, you can find me rocking streetwear style. Fashion, music, photography, writing, reading and travel is art and I love to fill my world with these arts. Thank you for stopping by my page and I hope I can be an inspiration to you all!