Athleisure Hair? We Think Yes!

Athleisure: the fashion trend that took 2016 by storm. Is there anything better than being able to pair your favorite sneakers with that stunning dress? Up until now you probably thought the answer to that question was no, but think again! Recently, athleisure and beauty have joined forces to create one of my favorite hair trends yet. Pairing simple hairstyles with perfectly styled looks creates same casual, carefree effect that is the essence of the athleisure trend.

Did you think that messy ponytail was only for the gym? Think again. That perfectly slicked back ballet bun isn’t just for your barre class anymore! Try pairing a ballet bun, ponytail or messy topknot with an expertly fashioned outfit; the more flyways the better!

Keep reading to check out how to look casual-chic without bordering on greasy mess.

This Fashionista’s ‘do perfectly complements her edgy look. Sometimes a perfect hairstyle can take away some of the edge in a look and make it appear somewhat unbalanced. The messy bun and fly aways resulted in a positively carefree look that didn’t take away from the RAD embroidery on her jacket.   Photo via @therealmaddyo

This Fashionista is showing off a version of this trend that I personally love. Instead of untucking her hair from her scarf she leaves it tucked in. This is a cool way to achieve a look that says “bring it on winter!” when you’re actually just trying not to freeze.  Photo via @catherineaebrackett

Another perfectly messy bun, yes. However, if you want your bun to look as full as this Fashionista’s does then try adding some volume cream before you turn that hair tie.  Photo via @anagabrielateran

A tighter, ballerina bun can be taken off the dance floor and onto the street. This slicked back look is simple and it lets her orange shades be standout piece of her look. This is a look where fly aways are better kept away. Always lock a ballet bun in with a hairspray that will last all day and a lasting shine.  Photo via @kendallfireeee

The pony is back! This look is a stunning example of athleisure hair styling. The textured ponytail combined with the pieces left framing her face creates a simple elegance in her look.  Photo via @sarahdewald 

Finally, we see the most classic hairstyle: the simple ponytail. This is a long time favorite of many. Try pairing it with a turtleneck, as the Fashionista below has. A piece that you would normally think to dress up looks just as good when you have an effortless hairstyle to balance it out.  Photo via @ambber_k

So, this week when you’re getting ready for the day I challenge you to think about incorporating one of these looks into your routine. It could be your new favorite beauty trend as well!