How To Make Your Dorm Feel Like A Museum In The Best Way Possible

The stunning art we stare at with bewilderment in vast, echoing museums often leave a strong impression on us. Yet, we tend to separate ourselves from these pieces once we head home. Out of sight, out of mind, I suppose. But is that really anyway to live when the thing we just saw was so profoundly inspiring?

While the price tags on art are understandably sky high; that also makes them an unattainable purchase for college students. But the cost of something shouldn’t prevent us from enjoying how it makes us feel.

(photo via @tamiraclew)

While you may not be able to hang a Picasso on your wall or place a Bourgeois sculpture in the corner of your room, you can take elements from these artists and use them to turn your dorm into a livable art gallery. In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’ve collected a few of our favorite female artists who can inspire how you decorate.

(photo via @shannamerceron)

Georgia O’Keeffe
Georgia O’Keeffe’s name is practically synonymous with flowers, and using these to decorate is perfect timing for spring. Florals may be overdone in the clothing world, but strategically placed blooms will be a reminder of her breathtaking work and match the greenery that’s peeking through outside.

(Photo via @leytonpee)

Queenie McKenzie
Her artwork pays a stunning tribute to nature and strikes a chord by incorporating earthy elements. Neutrals and simple patterns are common threads in her pieces, which make it easy to personalize for your own living situation. Hang up collages and pictures of your favorite outdoor adventures, or stick to brown, copper, and silver hues when you’re searching for the perfect furniture and décor.

(photo via @sarahgargano29)

Martine Johanna
Her candy saturated, lifelike paintings of women will make you want to put splashy neons all around your room. If taking the bold step from your quiet white and gray color palette is overwhelming, toss in a vivid throw pillow or vase for a simpler take on Martine’s style.

(Photo via @hannahbullion)

Yayoi Kusamen
Inspiration from Yayoi will make you stray from minimalism and delve into the world of maximalist patterns. Add some twinkling lights for a tribute to her well-known infinity room installation, or use polka dots in some way (like temporary stickers) to make your walls pop.

(Photo via @shannamerceron)

Mickaline Thomas
Mickaline Thomas will make you wonder why you ever avoided the art of mix matching. Her vibrant colors, perfectly clashing patterns, and bold paintings of beautiful women will make you want to rethink your current design scheme. Try adding some artsy photos of women who inspire you or switch out your faux fur rug with one or two patterned ones.

(Photo via @tatianamcruzz)

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