If you want to look as chic as Kylie Jenner without her budget, head over to Wolfgang, where the clothing is not only affordable, but worth every penny. Wolfgang is the most fashion-forward boutique that I have seen in Gainesville. I adore the mix of modern, retro flare and delicate femininity they have in store. It is a rare gem in a college town full of bright orange and royal blue. From the street, you see a typical store front. Once inside, it seems as if you are transmitted to an ultra chic studio in SoHo, NY. I interviewed the manager, Jessie Erickson, and became more intrigued about the facets of this fashionable company!

Name: Jessie Erickson

Role: Manager

College Fashionista: What do you enjoy most about being a manager at Wolfgang?

Jessie Erickson: I do better at any job when I have a leadership position. I like to be creative and try different things—different sales tactics, various social media strategies—so it’s fun for me! It gives me that new set of eyes and it’s nice having that liberty to try new things.

CF: How would you describe the Wolfgang image?

JE: We have a little bit of an adventurous spirit. Compared to other boutiques, we have some edgier looks. We like to take that extra step here at Wolfgang—that extra detail, that extra flare. We keep it safe but push it just enough.

CF: What are some of your favorite new styles this season?

JE: I’m really enjoying how there’s a little bit of the ‘70s coming back. I’m really happy that we have bell bottoms and jumpers; I’m really excited to see how well customers will take the bell bottoms. I like the turtlenecks, some of the little halters with the ties in the back and the power-shoulder that is coming back.

 CF: How often does your inventory change?

JE: We get things in every week. Sometimes it’s just one box, sometimes it’s three, but the floor is always changing. There is always something new!

CF: What is the must-have piece for this season?

JE: The short rompers and jumpers are definitely the most popular items in the store, and everyone should have one. Jumpers and rompers a whole outfit in one; you do not have to buy tops and pants for them – you are all ready to go!

 CF: How would you describe the proverbial Wolfgang customer?

JE: To me, the Wolfgang customer is a confident girl who isn’t afraid of adventure and expresses that in her style.

 CF: What makes Wolfgang so unique?

JE: I think that what makes Wolfgang unique is the wolf pack. It does not just include the employees, it includes our customers. We all represent the store in different ways, and it is fun to be a part of that. I think that is what makes Wolfgang unique.

Learn More: Head over to Wolfgang, located at 1127 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601. There is one warning—once you get there, you may never want to leave!