Imagine strolling up to colossal, bold and established black wooden doors. One of the doors is open, allowing you to enter, so you do. Vintage aged hard wooden floors grace the interior, grounding the rustic and authentic décor. To walk into Twig’s is to walk into woodsy feminine inspiration. The lofty space is abundant in beautiful, unique, bohemian and cutting edge apparel and accessories. As a retailer that homes copious amounts of designer pieces and have some of the kindest associates I have ever met, Twigs is a definite gem in Madison.

Name: Jenna Winquist

Role: Sales Associate, Twigs

CollegeFashionista: How long have you worked at Twigs and what do you love about the store?

Jenna Winquist: I’ve been here since March and I love everything! What’s not to love? We carry tons of different brand names and are always getting new shipments!

CF: What makes Twigs so unique?

JW: Twigs is so unique because a new shipment arrives every day, Monday through Friday. It’s also unique in that Twigs appeals to all demographics.

CF: What are your favorite trends right now?

JW: My favorite trends currently are distressed light denim boyfriend jeans and Joie sandals.

CF: What styles are currently best selling?

JW: Current best sellers are the Rocket Style Citizen of Humanity denim, as well as Vince & Equipment styles.

Learn More: Twigs resides at Hilldale Shopping Center, located at 570 N Midvale Blvd. Check it out for yourself, after all you can’t go wrong when there is new product every weekday!