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AROUND TOWN: Spring Breeze

April 17th, 2017 at 2:00am

We can all agree that the second the temperature goes up and the flowers start blossoming we drop the parka and snow boots. We get out all loose and floral tops. Spring is a time where people start gravitating towards lighter colors as well. This Fashionista I found in Spokane, Washington is the perfect example of this!

I found this fashionable girl a few cities up from where I go to school. It was finally a nice day out! I found this Fashionista in a neighborhood where there’s a ton of boutiques, and she was totally rocking this spring airy, breeze, and comfortable look.

This Fashionista is wearing light and bright colors! Her top has a beautiful floral pattern on it, and the top has so many little details too! This is what caught my eye. The top has a tie in the front with a little slit under it. The side of the shirt has a cold shoulder. This detail really makes this shirt so unique. She paired this with some light washed skinny jeans. Her shoes were adorable and brought the entire outfit together! They were tan sandal heels. They didn’t have a massive heel to them which made them comfortable for walking around! They laced up which is super trendy right now.  For jewelry she had a bunch of silver dainty rings.

Spring time is one of my favorite times, fashion wise, because you can do so many things with your outfits! It isn’t as cold as winter time, but its still not as hot as the summer.