AROUND TOWN: Sinical Attitudes

The world of fashion blogging has grown in numbers to include stylish women and men all around the globe. From outfit-of-the-days to monthly favorites, these Fashionista/o’s cultivate the best of their wardrobe, as well as share their tips and tricks in almost every aspect of life. It is interesting to see how each fashion blogger comes to creating their own outlet on the web. One Fashionista, Sini Choi of Sinical Attitudes, shares some of her insight on blogging and how she keeps it stylish everyday.

Name: Sini Choi

Role: Blogger, Sinical Attitudes

CollegeFashionista: When did you begin your blog?

Sini Choi: I started blogging the beginning of spring quarter of my freshman year at UCSD.

CF: What inspired you to create it?

SC: I just wanted to have a platform where I can share my personal style, fashion inspirations and the trends with which I am experimenting!

CF: Where do you pull inspiration from?

SC: I pull my fashion inspiration from the people I see, such as my friends and strangers I see on campus, and fashion weeks that go on all over the world. I also just throw on whatever feels right to me for that day.

CF: What are some tips/advice for those who want to start their own fashion blog?

SC: Firstly, I want to encourage them to just go for it! You don’t need a grand plan for your blog at first. Just create one and post away. Secondly, have confidence in your own style, pictures and writing. Chances are, if you are doubtful of your own posts, your readers will be as well. Lastly, tell people about your blog. Share what you want to accomplish through your blog with others. Ask for feedback.

Learn More: Check out her blog online at Sinical Attitudes. Make sure to keep updated as she posts throughout each month!