AROUND TOWN: IU Fashion Design BA Fashion Show

Birds are chirping and the sun is out but behind closed doors Bloomington’s student fashion designers are adding their final touches for the big spring event. The IU Retail Studies Organization’s very own Spring Fashion Show is truly going to make its mark this spring. Every spring junior and senior design students create original collections ranging from three to seven models to showcase to all of Bloomington. The student’s choose their own category whether it’s resort wear, active wear, and even bridal! I was given the pleasure to speak with a junior student designer Claire Russell who let me get a sneak peek of what there is to look forward to at the RSO Fashion Show. You just have to hear what she had to say!

Name: Claire Russell

Role: Student Fashion Designer

CollegeFashionista: What is your collection focused on? 

Claire Russell: Bridal. I am also including flower crowns and little flowers in the hair that I am personally creating. It’s a lot of etherial bridal wear focusing on the woman’s shape so that it flatters her as best as I can. 

CF: What are your design inspirations for this collection? 

CR: I just really wanted to create a collection that could be super versatile for a lot of different brides and different women. There were a lot of little inspirations I took things from, but nothing big in total. 

CF: What are you most exited about with the upcoming fashion show?

CR: Seeing my collection go down the runway all put together on models. I’m just super exited to see how that will go. 

CF: What do you love about designing? 

CR: It’s a creative outlet that I’ve had for such a long time and it just makes me so happy and it’s what I love to do. I’ve dedicated my life to it so I’m very exited to continue on with it. 

CF: Are there any of the other collections that you’re exited about seeing?

CR: Everybody’s. I know that that sounds ridiculous but I’m so exited to see what everyone has to offer. People have been working on it for so long and I’ve only seen bits and pieces so there’s a ton I haven’t seen. 

Learn More:  IU’s RSO Spring Fashion Show will be held Thursday, April 9 at 7:30 p.m. in Alumni Hall in the Indiana Memorial Union. Dress to the nines because you may be chosen to be featured right here on CollegeFashionista. Feeling inspired by Claire’s etherial bride? Wear a white lace mini dress, nude scrappy heels and finish off with a pearl ring and a wedding white flower crown.