AROUND TOWN: Pamela Barthelemy

Social media sites are flooded with myriad styles and looks. Pamela Barthelemy, however, was unsatisfied with what she found. She became frustrated that she couldn’t discover anyone who had her exact style. Pam believed she had a lot to say about fashion herself, so she decided to create her own blog, The Girl You Didn’t Notice. With up to two new outfits posted each week to the blog, viewers can find such staples as oversized blazers, boyfriend jeans, thrift store finds and canvas sneakers. Pam even showcases some of her DIY pieces in her looks.

Name: Pamela Barthelemy

Role: Fashion Blogger

CollegeFashionista: Why did you start creating your own pieces?

Pamela Barthelemy: Whenever I’m choosing outfits, a lot of the time they look kind of basic. I’ve seen them before or there’s something missing. So I always try to find a way to add something and usually I just end up just making something.

CF: What do you think your own pieces contribute to your personal style?

PB: A conversation starter. I’m really reserved. When people see something and like it, it makes them want to comment on it. .

CF: Do you have any style icons?

PB: Rihanna. Hands down. She just doesn’t care. Everything she wears, you can tell it’s genuinely her. Nobody compares to her.

CF: What else inspires your personal style?

PB: I really try to mix masculine and feminine a lot. I don’t like going one directional.

Learn More: Visit Pam’s blog to see her updates on her new looks and DIY pieces. In February, she plans on switching the blog to an official domain. You can also follow her on Instagram.