AROUND TOWN: Modest Fashion Show

A common misconception in today’s Western fashion world is that Muslim women who choose to dress modestly must choose between following their clothing requirements and dressing modernly and expressively. The Modest Fashion Show, organized by the Muslim Student Association and held on April 16, proved this stereotype to be untrue. Male and female models walked the runway displaying dozens of outfit options for the everyday Muslim student.

Name: Fatima Uddin

Role: Fashion show organizer

College Fashionista: What cultures and traditions were represented in the Modest Fashion Show?

Fatima Uddin: The Modest Fashion Show demonstrated modesty throughout various traditions. This includes: the Eastern cultures (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.), the Islamic traditions and finally the Western aspect.

CF: What is your favorite part of the Modest Fashion Show?

FU: My favorite part of the fashion show was seeing all the different traditions come together. Also I liked being able to portray the message that modesty can be cool and fashionable.

CF: What is the purpose of the Modest Fashion Show?

FU: The purpose of the fashion show was to display to our Geneseo community the different aspects of modesty in many traditions. We wanted to demonstrate modesty is far from restricting yourself, and that it is possible to express your own style while at the same time being chaste.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is different. I love wearing my hijab (headscarf) in the turban style and I am a very bright colorful person (dull colors are so boring). Additionally, you don’t see me outside without these crystal stones under my eye.

CF: Do you have any store suggestions for where to find great modest wear?

FU: When it comes to Muslim modest wear especially for girls, the question isn’t which store do we look it’s more about the time you look. The best times to shop for clothes is spring, fall and sometimes even winter. Why? Because most stores in the West do not attempt to appeal to the Islamic audience. There are online stores, but most of them are affordable for those residing in the UK. I don’t really have a particular store that I favor, but I do like my latest buys from H&M and Charlotte Russe.

Learn more: The fashion show was organized by the Muslim Student Association at SUNY Geneseo. They can be contacted at [email protected]