AROUND TOWN: Madness by J

One Fashionista’s find is another Fashionista’s chance to make something even better! I had the pleasure of meeting a DIY jewelry designer here in Tampa who came up with a beautiful way to make custom bracelets that radiate a trendy bohemian vibe. They go perfectly with any outfit while making your look a little more glamorous.

Name: Jordan Shine

Role: Owner and Creator

College Fashionista: Starting your own idea can be a little scary; what made you decide to start yours?

Jordan Shine: I bought a bracelet that I loved, and I looked at it and thought to myself how much cooler I could make it. Once I started to wear it, people would ask me where I got it, so I decided to start making my own.

CF: Who or what inspires you to create new pieces?

JS: I think it’s the seasons. As summer’s approaching, people want more color items—and style in general. Neutral colors always work well with whatever you’re wearing.

CF: Is there a certain style that you believe fits your bracelets the best?

JS: Yes, hippie, urban and chic, and whether or not you’re going out on the beach or just going out—that type of a person.

CF: What is the best aspect about designing your own type of fashion?

JS: I get to decide what I’m creating based on what I’m wearing or on an outfit of the night. I can accommodate what people are looking for. There are always times when people want things in a certain color or look, and I can make that happen.

Learn More: Although Jordan is in the beginning stages of an amazing fashion trend that she has created, you can contact her via email at [email protected] for any customer jewelry needs or to see more of what magic she can do!