AROUND TOWN: Luster & Oak

In 2005, Unit 5, a high-end retail store, decided to re-invent and re-brand itself into a vintage and consignment clothing boutique now known as Luster & Oak. Now, in 2015, Luster & Oak is a thriving boutique full of pre-loved clothing. Located in Uptown Waterloo, this boutique has a Pinterest-worthy interior design that you have to see for yourself. From Gap overalls to Dr. Martens boots, to a vintage Yves Saint Laurent sweater—the options are endless and unique. I received the opportunity to speak with one of the managers at Luster & Oak to discuss what makes this vintage and consignment boutique a go-to for students in Waterloo.

Name: Ollie Gorz

Role: Manager, Luster & Oak Vintage and Consignment

CollegeFashionista: What differentiates Luster & Oak from other consignment stores?

Ollie Gorz: We focus on our fairness to the consigner. Luster & Oak has a 50/50 consignment policy, so if you want $5 for your item, we sell it for $10. We are a clothing store built by students, for students. Most of our consigners are local students who are re-selling their good quality, in-style clothes that they don’t use.

CF: The interior of the boutique is so unique; can you tell us more about it?

OG: The interior design is consistently changing. The store is unrecognizable compared to when we first opened. A lot of the interior is hand-made and incorporates wood. For example, the check-out desk is made out of barn wood bought directly from a farm owner and put together by Mark [the store owner] and myself. We also have branches from trees hanging from the ceiling that we use for clothing racks. We have a painted chalkboard wall at the entrance, as well as a hanging log with lights that we just added. 

CF: Are there any specific criteria for the clothes that come through Luster & Oak?

OG: The clothes selling in the boutique align with current trends. We only have things in the store that people would wear now. Our most popular brands include: American Apparel, H&M, Gap and Club Monaco. Where you might be paying $80-100 for an item at these stores in retail, you can get an item here for no more than $30. 

Learn More: If you are interested in consigning your clothes, or getting your hands on a vintage piece of your own, visit Luster & Oak at 2 King St. South, Waterloo ON, or visit their website.