AROUND TOWN: Jeanne Grey and Rhesa Mae Bernal

March 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Remember scrolling down your social media feeds about a week ago, seeing New York Fashion Week posts from your favorite bloggers and wishing you can go? Rhesa Mae Bernal had the chance to attend Nolcha Fashion Week. And it was all thanks to Jeanne Grey, her favorite blogger. Read on to know about their New York Fashion Week experience.

Names: Jeanne Grey and Rhesa Mae Bernal

Roles: Fashion blogger for and Journalism Student/aspiring blogger

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your fashion blog(s)?

Jeanne Grey: The thought that I was able to move people and inspire them just from my #OOTDs made me wonder what amazing things could happen if I started blogging about these outfits. I most definitely have gone through a good number of falls before realizing what 55k followers can do. It has turned my dreams into a reality which, in return, has made me into an instrument in helping others make their dreams come true as well!

Rhesa Mae Bernal: It goes way back to when I was little and decided to use my mother’s lipstick as eyeshadow. During my pre-teen years, I had a best friend who had this enormous closet full of magazines and clothes. We would have little fashion shows, her as the “designer” and me as her “model.” That started everything for me.

CF: Describe how you felt when you won and the things you experienced at New York Fashion Week.

RMB: I looked up to Jeanne for a very long time and winning to see a show with her was unbelievable. The moment I found out, I immediately contacted my cousins to help me pick out an outfit! Walking in the building was intimidating. I watched everyone with wide eyes, reveling in their sense of style. Just the whole atmosphere and talking to people who share the same interests with me was refreshing and welcoming. It was inspiring to see new designers finally getting their time to shine! The people were great, the shows were great and the dream still keeps running strong!

CF: What compelled you to have a giveaway like that?

JG: Blogger or not, I’m a regular person who was that girl wishing to be a part of fashion week before I got invited, so I know how it feels like. A blessing doesn’t feel real until you’ve shared it with someone who wants it just as bad as you. I want Rhesa to pass that on and keep her values while reaching for her goals as an aspiring blogger!

CF: As a college student, what would be your advice to other girls aspiring to go to NYFW?

RMB: Always connect and be inspired! College is a time where many opportunities are handed to young empowered women. When an opportunity arises, don’t hesitate to take it! That’s basically what happened to me when Jeanne gave me this opportunity!

Learn More: To get your chance to attend future New York fashion weeks, visit Jeanne’s Instagram or blog page because she will be doing this every season!