AROUND TOWN: Francesca's

Do you ever wish you could buy an entire outfit in just one store? Francesca’s of Suburban Square in Ardmore, Pennsylvania is just the boutique you are looking for! This trendy shop offers various seasonal styles including dresses, multiple brands and styles of sweaters as well as many kinds of shoes ranging from boots and booties to flip flops and flats. In addition to their wide-ranging wardrobe, the store includes statement jewelry pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings by top industry names. I knew as soon as I walked into the store I could not go wrong. I would be comfortable shopping at Francesca’s any day! The most comforting feeling when walking into Francesca’s was the approachable and stylish employees. As I experienced, they are more than willing to offer their advice on the latest trends. I caught up with the Francesca’s assistant manager to learn more about how this boutique became so awesome!

Name: Charlotte Willis

Role: Assistant Store Manager, Francesca’s

CollegeFashionista: How long has this Francesca’s been open and what ages are you aiming to cater to?

Charlotte Willis: This Francesca’s has been open for 3 ½ years. I have been working here ever since it opened. The best thing about Francesca’s is that we can dress anyone from ages fifteen to one hundred! We have something for everybody.

CF: What techniques have or have not worked for customers?

CW: Francesca’s is unique because we have a promise to our customer’s, we try to deliver a warm feeling when you come in. We want to feel like a sister or a friend when we are helping you shop and don’t want to overwhelm the customer. We have a lot of quirky and fun girls so it makes it easy for customers to feel comfortable around our employees.

CF: What are your future plans with Francesca’s? 

CW: We are spreading very rapidly and we want to continue to keep growing. We want to keep that intimate feel for every Francesca’s and remain a small boutique. 

CF: What is one of your favorite memories at Francesca’s?

CW: One time a very hippie-like woman walked in wearing Birkenstock’s looking for some advice on an outfit to wear to a job interview. She was very hesitant and nervous at first so I began throwing a bunch of options at her! She went from frumpy to business attire and looked amazing. I stayed true to her roots but made her look chic enough for her job. She came back in and was so excited to tell me she got the job!

Learn More: You can update your wardrobe at one of the Francesca’s locations listed online. Don’t just take my word for it; visit their website to find out more about this cute little store!