AROUND TOWN: For The Love Of Bubbly

The ultimate boss girl by weekday, and fabulous style blogger by weekend––this Fashionista not only has a shoe and sunglass collection to die for, but a killer style that is totally free-spirited glam by the sea! As cheesy as it sounds, she is probably just as sweet and bubbly as “bubbly” itself!

Name: Jessica Wynne

Role: Fashion Blogger

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Jessica Wynne: My style is eclectic; I’m a little boho and a little feminine, with a touch of glam. I gravitate towards and wear whatever I love! I live in a beach town so I tend to be a bit more relaxed just because I can’t wear my dressier outfits out unless it is a special occasion. I would stick out like a sore thumb! I definitely take advantage of any excuse to dress up though!

CF: What are your closet staples? What would you say every girl needs in her closet?

JW: 1. A good white blazer. You can wear it a million different ways. 2. A flattering pair of jeans. 3. A killer pair of heels. For those who live at the beach (or anywhere in the summer), I would go for some gorgeous heeled sandals. 4. A great handbag. Saving up and investing in a really nice handbag that you’ll have forever is worth it because you’ll use it all the time. 5. For beach girls (or for a chic, casual look), you definitely need a pair of jean shorts, fun flowy tops and great mirrored sunglasses. 6. A fabulous pair of statement earrings.

CF: What are your current favorite staple accessories?

JW: I love statement earrings, especially anything oversized and dramatic. I have a pair of vintage Chanel earrings that I splurged on, but I just love them. Lele Sadoughi has really pretty earrings and I also love Marcia Moran. She designed this ring that I am wearing. She has beautiful druzy natural stone pieces. I definitely prefer statement jewelry over dainty jewelry. I go for the wow factor. I am also a huge lover of handbags (but what girl isn’t?).

CF: Who would be your ultimate style icon?

JW: Blake Lively. She is the perfect combination of boho and glam. Her style is super eclectic and she wears what she loves. She also doesn’t have a stylist which is what I really admire. Your personal style is YOURS. It should reflect what you want to wear and not what someone else picks out for you.

CF: What is your advice for aspiring bloggers?

JW: Invest in your website design. You can either hire a website developer for something personalized or buy a fabulous template for a fraction of the price. Go with a WordPress.org website, not a WordPress.com website. It gives you a lot more flexibility and creative opportunities. Also, invest in a great camera if you can. It truly makes all of the difference. Your blog IS your photos. Don’t be intimidated. No one is great the first time. You learn as you go! Just go for it and I promise you won’t regret it!

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