AROUND TOWN: Destiny Howard

April 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

Whether it all began with dressing dolls when you were little or being inspired by the show Project Runway, a little spark of interest and imagination ignites a flame of having big dreams and goals of possibly being the next big fashion designer. This is exactly what happened to this Fashionista, and although the work hours get longer and the garments get more tedious, something tells her to keep going.

Name: Destiny Howard

Role: Fashion Design Student

CollegeFashionista: When did you know you wanted to do something with fashion?

Destiny Howard: I knew in the 5th grade. I always wanted to be an artist every since I was little and started drawing clothes. I fell in love with it in the 8th grade because I like anything that has to deal with visual and performing arts and expressing yourself.

CF: How would you describe your own individual style?

DH: I don’t like keeping up with trends—no fads. I do my own thing by wearing whatever I feel like wearing and whatever I look cute in.

CF: How do you describe the style of your designs? Do you feel like your own style transcends into what you design?

DH: Lines inspire me and I enjoy making stuff that people would feel beautiful and confident in. I would wear the garments I make because they speak to my aesthetic and personality.

CF: What are different techniques you want to explore when it comes to making clothes?

DH: I want to master magic pattern making. I want to get away from basic patterns and create extravagant silhouettes.

CF: What is one thing you feel you have accomplished as a student so far in fashion design?

DH: When I came to Radford I didn’t know how to sew. Not one lick—I’m not a master but I have a better understanding. I know how to do pattern work.

CF: Do you have goals of making it in the fashion industry as a top designer?

DH: Yes! I want to use my name to inspire others and help build others confidence—make a difference in the world.

Learn More: Destiny will be graduating next spring from Radford University. In the meantime, she will be finding inspiration and working hard on her senior line which will be displayed at the annual spring Fashion Fête runway show. Check her out on Instagram @_true_destiny!