AROUND TOWN: Cherry Canary

April 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

A little off the beaten path, Cherry Canary is one of Bloomington’s hidden gems. From worn-in T-shirts and embellished tops to potted succulents you can find all kinds of vintage goodies! You’ll feel you just took a trip in Back to the Future’s time machine, the DeLorean after stepping foot in Cherry Canary. I caught up with Cherry Canary’s owner to learn more about her journey in the vintage world.

Name: Cass Slone

Role: Owner, Cherry Canary

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite vintage find to date?

Cass Slone: I have this dress, it’s silk and from the ’50s. It belonged to this woman who’s husband was an opera singer. They lived in Paris and it was custom made for her. It’s a total red carpet gown. I would never wear it anywhere, but it fit me so I had to keep it. I have it sealed up in bags in my closet just in case!

CF: What time period is your favorite for vintage finds?

CS: My favorite is easily ’40s and ’50s, although I’m getting more into ’60s and ’70s. But I like any ’50s fit and flare, if it fits me I’ll keep it! I feel it’s a really acceptable way to wear vintage.

CF: What is your journey that led you to own a vintage store?

CS: It’s been in the family. My mom owned a vintage store in Bloomington, Indiana for 30 years and my dad has a store in Lousville, Kentucky called Retro Fit. So, I kind of just defaulted it. Well, that’s not true, I’ve done other stuff, too! I just moved back to Bloomington. I owned a store in Austin, Texas for the past eight years. The building sold and I missed my family so I moved back home!

CF: Where is the best place to travel for vintage finds?

CS: Probably here, well the Midwest. When I had the store in Austin I would drive up here to find stuff and drive it back to Austin to sell. You have to dig a lot I spend a lot of time in kinda gross places digging through peoples stuff.

Learn more: Get your hands on a one of a kind piece at Cherry Canary, located at 214 W. 4th St. Bloomington, IN!