AROUND TOWN: Cetera Fischer

April 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas/os! I am interviewing Threads Fashion Show designer Cetera Fischer. Cetera is a Junior with a concentration in Apparel Design and an a minor in Art at Central Michigan University. With her international inspiration, she displays an exquisite collection that is well tailored and pure. Participating in Threads is an opportunity to shine the light on one’s marvelous artwork and hard work. Making a themed collection may be a challenge, but in the end it gives you gratification.

Name: Cetera Fischer

Role: Designer for Threads

College Fashionista: What have you learned the most from participating in Threads?

Cetera Fischer: I have learned more about time management as it relates to a fashion show [and] also how much patience you need when working with garments and mishaps. Overall, time management and more patience.

CF: What is the inspiration for your collection?

CF: My inspiration is my study abroad experience to Rome, Italy. I observed the locals and how their dress became more formal as the days go on. I played with the thoughts of bright, wealthy, pristine images of Rome and the architecture that presents the remains of the once tremendous columns. So Roman columns are my umbrella for my inspiration while the other aspects work with it.

CF: What inspired you to become a design major?

CF: ​Knowing that I would be able to create throughout my life is a fine reality. My desire is to find a home/profession where I could do what I enjoy and be creative at the same time. I enjoy all aspects of design and love that there is always something to learn or improve on. There are also many challenges, and I love being challenged. 

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