AROUND TOWN: Brittany Nguyen

One of the most memorable scenes from Gossip Girl took place in season one during the cutthroat application process for the coveted spot as Blair Waldorf’s newest minion. However, one applicant in particular ruined her chance after she wore a pair of Tory Burch flats that, to quote Waldorf, were “last season”. In the minion-wannabe’s defense, why not mix things up? Emory sophomores, Brittany Nguyen and Audrey Cheng, recently started their own pop-up shop during Wonderful Wednesday—a collaboration of different clubs and organizations in the middle of campus to celebrate hump day. Each of Misthrifts’ items reek of individualism and a daringness to sway away from blatant brand names. Sorry, Blair.

Name: Brittany Nguyen

Role: Co-founder, Misthrifts

CollegeFashionista: When did you realize that you wanted to be part of the fashion community? Also, is fashion something you would like to pursue outside of Emory?

Brittany Nguyen: I’ve always been really interested in retail, fashion and personal style. My mom actually got me into it because I used to hate shopping. My mom’s style is insane, so she’s played a huge influence.

I do want to go into the fashion industry. The reason I’m double-majoring in business and Women’s Sexuality and Gender Studies is because I’m really interested in how gender dynamics and gender relationships plays on fashion. Fashion is supposed to be an outlet for self-autonomy, so I’m really interested in the dynamics of that. I really want to bring social change onto underrepresentation [in the fashion industry]—there are not enough women of color and [people of] various sizes. It’s very exclusive, and I want to make it more inclusive.

CF: Tell me more about what you envision for Misthrifts (apart from being held during Wonderful Wednesday)? Possible expansion?

BN: Outside of Wonderful Wednesday, we’re going to set up another time spot to sell when traffic is high during the week. Also, we may make an online store.

CF: So, I’ll admit it, I totally stalked your Instafeed prior to this interview. How was Fashion University and what did you learn?

BN: It was a lot since I come from Louisiana—an even smaller fashion space than Emory. There were 500 people that were just like me and just as ambitious–even some who had better style. It was a networking event to meet the bloggers and various editors for magazines like Teen Vogue.

It was difficult because everyone else was doing the same thing, and it was very cutthroat and competitive. However, it was a good learning experience—an invaluable experience.

CF: What can students look forward to seeing next semester at MisThrifts?

BN: We started Misthrifts two weeks ago. Fall is the big season and when people are more inclined to buy with their “new school attitude”. Next semester we’ll bring back plaids and formal wear. Actually, we’ll probably have a whole rack for guys!

Learn More: A little retail therapy never killed nobody. Take a study break and purchase a new edition for your wardrobe by contacting Brittany Nguyen or Audrey Cheng on the MisThrifts Facebook page.