AROUND TOWN: Breege Addo-Collins

April 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Dreaming of becoming a fashion designer when you’re a young girl of course seems like the most glamorous and prestigious job out there as it is, but it only takes those with a persistent vision, determination, fabulous work ethic and passion to keep climbing the ladder of making that creative aspiration a reality.

Name: Breege Addo-Collins

Role: Fashion Design Student

CollegeFashionista: When did you know you wanted to do something with fashion?

 Breege Addo-Collins: I’ve always loved clothes ever since I was little. I always drew them and would also try to make clothes for Barbie dolls. I made the decision to be a fashion designer late middle school and early high school.

CF: How would you describe your own individual style?

BAC: I feel like my style is inspired by urban wear and high fashion.

CF: How do you describe the style of your designs? Do you feel like your own style transcends into what you design?

BAC: I feel like my designs are a little different than what I wear. I’m mostly inspired by simple things like geometric shapes.

CF: What are different techniques you want to explore when it comes to making clothes?

BAC: I want to learn more about haute couture and make things that people don’t usually see in garments.

CF: What is one thing you feel you have accomplished as a student so far in fashion design?

BAC: I didn’t know how to sew at all and I had no idea what pattern work was, but now I have a better understanding.

CF: Do you have goals as making it in the fashion industry as a top designer?

BAC: Yes. I hope to have my own fashion business and maybe even my own haute couture line.

Learn More: Two of Breege’s garments have recently been awarded the highest scores for both career and formal wear, as they were showcased and judged at Radford University’s Department of Design’s annual spring fashion show, Fashion Fête. For now, she will be getting ready to work on her senior line in the upcoming fall semester, as she will be graduating next spring. Show her some love on Instagram @naturally_free!