AROUND TOWN: Beauty by Sgro

We all wish for eyebrows that are on fleek. Runway models, celebrities and social media stars set the standards pretty high for beauty, and sometimes these expectations are hard to meet. There are so many different styling techniques for our hair, and makeup brushes that specialize in all different parts of our face. Let’s be real, it is overwhelming to conquer that perfect red lip or topknot. But this Fashionista proved that makeup and hair could be fun and easy. I caught up with Nicole Sgro from Beauty by Sgro to find out more and get some amazing beauty inspiration.

Name: Nicole Sgro

Role: Creator, Beauty by Sgro

CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little bit about Beauty by Sgro.

Nicole Sgro: I feel like a lot of people look at social media and see professionally trained makeup artists’ work and get discouraged. I fell in love with doing makeup and hair just as a hobby, and love getting to use my own face as a canvas. I want to become a motivator for others to learn how to do your own makeup and not feel like you need to spend a ton of money on a program to do it.

CF: Where do you get your hair and makeup inspiration?

NS: Mostly Pinterest. I also follow a lot of makeup artists and enthusiasts on Instagram and like the up-close pictures because they show different combinations you can use for your lips. YouTube tutorials are also very helpful.

CF: What is the most essential makeup product in your opinion?

NS: Foundation is definitely the most essential. When you use it, you automatically look so much more awake and it easily covers any blemish or acne. It makes you feel more confident because your face is evened out and looks natural when done right. After foundation, eyebrows are definitely important too.

CF: How do you make your makeup and hair part of your style?

NS: Personally, if I wear a nice outfit, I like to do my makeup and hair nice too to complete the look. When I work in the city for my job or internship, I also like taking the time to do my hair and makeup. It really makes you feel like you’re playing the part and completes my style.

Learn more: To fall in love with makeup and hair, check out the Beauty by Sgro blog, Facebook page, and Instagram! Get some tips and tutorials from this Fashionista and make your face into your canvas, too.