AROUND TOWN: Anansi Global

Ever wonder what it is like to combine fashion business with philanthropy? Jephthah Acheampong started a great idea during college with a collection of fashion bracelets. These special bracelets feature his favorite quotes and unique designs. The best part is, with every purchase of a bracelet, the same one goes to an orphan somewhere in the world.

Name: Jephthah Acheampong

Role: Founder and designer of Anansi Global

CollegeFashionista: What inspired you to create Anansi Global?

Jephthah Acheampong: I created Anansi Global because I lost my father at a young age; therefore, I sympathize with the neglected worldwide. Anansi actually stands for Annihilating Negativity Amongst Neglected Souls Infinitely. Anansi Global is fueled by my three greatest passions: poetry, fashion and philanthropy. We often underestimate the power of words. Anansi aims to prove that inspirational messages, presence and positive direction may not change the world, but will recreate it. These uplifting words are a catalyst for neglected children to self-fulfilling prophesy and highly impact their surroundings.

CF: What is it like combining fashion, business and philanthropy?

JA: Combining fashion and philanthropy is definitely very interesting. I have to delegate my time to both equally while making sure one interest doesn’t overpower the other. I think it’s definitely fun and worth the collaboration. It keeps me busy and nurtures my mindfulness and compassion.

CF: What is your advice for someone starting something similar?

JA: Start small. Do not rush or else you will run into a lot of mistakes on the journey. Also, pray, hope and have faith!

CF: What are your future plans for Anansi Global?

JA: Right now, I am focused on impacting the children I serve on a more positive note. I see Anansi introducing more elegant prints and instilling more focus into the business soon. By focus, I am currently experimenting with prints. I plan on having the products developed in the near future and further stick with seven great prints, alongside different quotes.

Learn More: Take a look at Jephthah’s collection by visiting the Anansi website.