AROUND TOWN: Alexandra Graham

In my mind, Chicago is a city full of art. There are designers, florists and many other business owners who radiate art culture. I can’t walk a block (even in the disgusting snowy weather) without coming across something that inspires me because of this art culture. Cue this fabulous Fashionista and future designer. Read below to learn more about her!

Name: Alexandra Graham

Role: Fashion Design student, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

CollegeFashionista: What do you enjoy most about studying fashion and design?

Alexandra Graham: I just love learning more about the industry I’m so passionate about and I love that I am learning how to better execute the visions I have for garments in my head.

CF: When you enter the industry, what do you see your designs and aesthetic looking like?

AG: I definitely see them having a boho feel to them but also a slight edge. I am very detail oriented so they will definitely have intricate details or patterning.

CF: What items and/or trends are you obsessing over right now?

AG: I will forever love a good tutu (think Carrie Bradshaw, not toddler dance class). At Free People right now the trend focus is dip dyed and I am obsessing over that because I’m a sucker for hand dying and thoughtfully done tie-dye.

CF: How do you stay fashionable despite the harsh, Chicago winter?

AG: I guess the magic happens when the puffer coat comes off! I think I just try to look for pieces that are going to keep me warm and are also unique and fashionable.

Learn More: If you live in the Chicago area, be sure to keep an eye out for Alexandra and her designs soon. There’s no doubt that she’ll succeed considering her bold, hard-working personality. Want to channel her bohemian edge? Find a gorgeous kimono, some raw denim and rough booties.