The weather here in Miami just keeps getting hotter and hotter (as per usual). Shorts, sundresses and bikinis are classified as “everyday attire” here. However, this does not stop the fashion-forward from going against the norm wearing whatever they wish to wear. While it may be ideal to wear a crop top with a pair of denim shorts to keep cool and still look trendy, sometimes you just have to take a leap with your style and hope its not too hot outside. Flared pants, also known as wide leg pants, are now featured in most stores and add an elegant look to the most casual outfit. As I was shopping the other day, I couldn’t help but noticed all the different wide legged pants on sale. I noticed vibrant colors, pleats and funky patterns.

Featured here is a close friend of mine, Jody, who made a bold move choosing to wear these yellow pants for a regular Monday stroll in the park. She paired it with an adorable white crop top with some lace detailing at the bottom. A simple choker wraps around her neck and silver bracelets dangle from her arm. The blue shades over her eyes add a nice pop of color to the overall look and she kept it subtle with a chic black handbag and brown sandals. In terms of beauty, she kept her hair wavy and make up natural.

This is an effortless trend that gives off the impression that you slaved over your outfit. By having one statement piece (the pants) you can achieve a very summer-forward, feminine look that will have everyone doing double takes while you walk by.

How To: Let your guard down and walk into the mall and search for your perfect pair of wide legged pants. Do not hold back and wear them during your next summer outing. Give it your own twist and pair it with any sort of blue accessory (perhaps a handbag or statement necklace) and your favorite white crop top!