ALL N THE DETAILS: Stripes and Chambray

Hello my lovely Fashionistas and Fashionistos! It’s been a rainy week and I’ve still managed to find a beautiful Fashionista! Even in the rainy weather dresses are still great to wear especially in the summer storms where humidity is killer. This Fashionista conquered the rain with style and attention to detail. Even though her feet may not have stayed dry she still looks as fashionable as ever!

This outfit is very simple yet so chic. Navy and white pair so well together and gives anything a nautical feel, so it is perfect for the summer! In my opinion, a navy and white striped dress should be a summer staple because you can do so much with it. A chambray shirt is also a staple for summer because of its versatility. It can be used with a dress or with shorts and a nice blouse and you will still look just as trendy. The rings are one of my favorite parts about this Fashionista’s style. They bring a vintage feel to this style and it works so perfectly. The rings complement each other along with the outfit as a whole! The cognac sandals also help with this vintage feel by bringing in some brown neutrals versus black ones. This keeps the outfit summery and fun!

This is a perfect outfit for any event whether it be a party or a lunch date! This outfit can be a go to all summer long and that is what makes it so great. A change in accessories changes the style of the outfit and that’s what I love. This Fashionista went the simple vintage route but you can take it wherever you want to.

How To: It’s very simple! All you need is a navy and white striped dress that you like the fit of, a chambray shirt with wash of your choosing, any sandals you want but I would stick with the cognac, and add accessories for your own personal look!