ALL IN THE DETAILS: Zip Your Lips Clutch

Why do people have to be exactly one thing or another? They’re either a cat or dog person. They’re a summer or winter person. Skirts or shorts. Heels or flats. Grunge or romantic.

I propose that we stop using “or” in situations like these. I propose we start saying “and.” Why can’t someone be a cat and dog person? They can like summer and winter! They can enjoy wearing skirts and shorts or heels and flats! (Not at the same time though, obviously.) This epiphany came to me when I saw this Fashionista. I was struck by how she simultaneously presented a sophisticated and comfortable laid-back coolness.

Let’s start from the bottom (with her Birkenstocks) and work our way up. These shoes have gotten some major attention this year, and I am all for it. They get you around campus comfortably and add a touch of versatility to your look. Next on our list is the dress. I cannot tell you how many compliments I paid to this Fashionista’s dress. What’s not to love about it: the pattern, colors, fabric, cut, collar, buttons around the top, the random (almost useless) pockets and the ties on the side; the list goes on and on. I also can’t help but mention the way it fits her! Doesn’t she look amazing?!

Moving on up, we arrive at the clutch. Again going back to the “and” rant I had at the beginning, this clutch is both sophisticated and grunge. The structure is so sophisticated, but the zipper and gold accents demonstrate a grunge look. The facts that the colors match the pattern on her dress just make it that much better.

To finish it off, she threw on a pair of tortoise shell shades. Maybe it’s just me, but I can totally picture this Fashionista vacationing her days away with a canvas/rope beach bag combo on the coast of somewhere warm and beautiful .

How To: A patterned dress is one of the best things to have in your closet as a go-to when you want to look cute and put together. Diane von Furstenberg is famous for her beautiful patterned wrap dresses. Grab a structured clutch in literally any color (points for matching it to your dress!), and you’re ready!