ALL IN THE DETAILS: You Can Never Accessorize Too Much

January 16th, 2017 at 2:00am

Have you ever heard the saying “you can never have to many___?” Well, it’s true when it comes to accessorizing! You can put one necklace on or you can put five necklaces on and you’ll still look great. That’s the beauty about accessories and how they can be used in so many different ways. What I love about jewelry in particular is that there are so many different kinds. You can be an earring gal, an necklace layering guru, or even a bracelet queen.

I was on campus and I saw this girls accessorizing and I had to stop her. She had it going on and I’m not just talking about her jewelry. She had a thick gold choker and paired it with a gold faux stone layered necklace. These were like a match made in heaven together. Thick and thin was definitely the vibe I was getting. Next she had on an assortment of gold chain bracelets. I really enjoyed the chunky look of these on her arm and I think this embodies the ideas that you can never have too many accessories! The ring pairing was my favorite, though. She mixed in all different types of gold ring sets together to create a boho feel to her look. I think she definitely achieved all the hippy bohemian vibes!

To bring this accessorized look together, she created a simple cozy outfit that any college student could wear to class. She had a wide tank top on, olive-stained joggers as a statement piece, a tan fringe jacket for flare, and a pair of lace-up booties that matched the jacket perfectly. This sums up a causal class outfit that has been accessorized to the max! I definitely loved this outfit and I think that I learned that you can never have too much when it comes to jewelry!