The infamous blanket scarves can be spotted on the most fashionable people this winter…and, of course, on your Instagram feed. Because what’s not to love about an accessory that instantly increases the cool factor of your look tenfold?! These babies are oversized to double as a scarf or a wrap (not to mention as a blanket for naps between classes). Wear them and master such comfortable and effortless style like this Fashionista!

This outfit holds the perfect mix of basics—a slouchy sweatshirt, black leggings, rain boots, a stylish carryall and patterned blanket scarf. It sure seems like the optimal outfit for those way-too-early 8:00 a.m lectures. The monochromatic sweatshirt acts as a backdrop for the diamond mosaic pattern scarf, creating a focal point for the scarf instead of a distraction. There are so many jaw-dropping designs to choose from, such as the classic plaid, grid check and Aztec. In keeping with the relaxed spirit, this Fashionista wears lululemon leggings with Hunter rain boots to cope with the rainy/snowy days in Kelowna. Her casual-but-chic logo tote finalizes her stylish look while keeping her hands free. This versatile piece can hold everything from laptops to gym gear. With structured straps embellished with buckle details, carrying this around should leave you feeling more stylish than ever!

How To: Take out your favorite basics and throw on an eye-catching blanket scarf! Opt for a tote instead of a heavy backpack to avoid looking slouchy because good posture is a major key to looking fashionable!