Oh March, the month that finally brings us from winter to spring. We face cold days that call for coats and fuzzy boots, and then we face warm days that call for flip flops and tank tops. Today graced the University of Arkansas with beautiful spring weather. Campus and areas close to campus were filled with students wearing short sleeves, shorts and dresses.

I was wandering around the Downtown Square, a popular area a few minutes away from campus by car, when this Fashionista caught my eye. Her outfit was so cool and I was amazed how she was walking in her gladiator heels. Luckily, she let me snap some photos of her before she met up with some friends.

This Fashionista chose a neutral palette to create her ensemble. She stuck with blacks to create the base of her outfit, a crop top and skirt, and used browns as statement pieces, her blazer, choker and shoes.

Not only did her shoes, cool sunglasses and vintage blazer catch my eye, but her choker caught my eye as well. Last year chokers started making their way back from the ‘90s and made themselves a staple accessory in 2016. I have been on the hunt for the perfect layered choker and that is why I had to stop this Fashionista, capture some images and learn more.

The V-neck of her crop top draws attention to her choker. The choker pulled her whole look together and gave her a cool vibe. The outfit would appear unfinished without this popular statement piece. The V-neck of her crop top calls for a statement accessory. Her choker is wrapped and tied in a bow with silver beads dangling on the ends. Because it is wrapped, the ways you can style and tie it are endless.

The coolest thing about this choker is this Fashionista made it herself. It is great to know that you can recreate a trend on your own without spending so much money. I have seen this style choker everywhere on celebrities, social media and at local boutiques. Chokers are not going anywhere anytime soon.

How To: If you want to make your own wrap choker like this Fashionista make a trip to your local craft store and purchase suede cord and your choice of beads or charms to tie on the ends. Measure out four to five feet of suede cord, or however long you want, and wrap it around your neck two to three times. After you’ve wrapped your choker, tie it into a bow. Once the bow looks how you like, don’t be afraid to play with lengths, knot your charms to the ends of the cord. Voila, you now yourself an on trend accessory. If DIY isn’t for you, go check out a local boutique in your area or check out shops online to find a wrap choker.