ALL IN THE DETAILS: Wrap It Up, Shawl We?

Even though it’s still winter, the weather doesn’t always feel like it. So what better way to appeal to this weather: wear a wrap! Wraps are huge this fall/winter season especially when the weather goes from ice cold to a cool fall-like day and you want look the part. Wraps are perfect to make any simple look into an upscale one. Keeping you warm while wearing your favorite spring shirt, wraps are better than heavy jackets or coats that don’t fit the stylish look of Fashionistas/os. Adding a wrap transforms your spring look into the perfect fall look.

I spotted this Fashionista rocking the infamous wrap trend. She has paired her wrap over a cute burgundy turtleneck and skinny jeans. The accessories added to the look give off a casual look. Her wrap draws you in because of the interesting design. The colors, the way the designs are placed on the wrap. This Fashionista is ready for the spring. Wearing wraps add so much to your look even it’s plain and simple. I found three wraps (or shawls) that I am sure you’ll love: simple gray wrap, reversible wrap and warm-colored wrap.

How To: Is the weather making you choose to wear a coat, gloves, scarf and several extra layers to maybe just one or two extra layers? Wear a wrap, or some may say a shawl, instead of coat with all the other layers. Pair a nice solid long sleeve shirt that gives a little warmth with a bold wrap to make the color stand out, while keeping you warm enough. Furthermore pair with your favorite metal of choice.