ALL IN THE DETAILS: Working Weekender

Growing up, my parents used to always tell me to “handle my business.” Of course, as an aging adolescent, there wasn’t really much business for me worry about. But now that I am a maturing young adult, I see that there are always important arrangements that need to be managed.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little with the “maturing young adult” bit, but there is truth in the idea that in order to be successful, the grind doesn’t stop. This is something that this Fashionisto can attest to.

I spotted this dapper man strolling through Washington Circle to catch a cab on his way out of town on a brisk District day and I couldn’t help but admire the fantastic leather weekender bag he had in hand. This Fashionisto clearly understands that sometimes you have to keep it professional, even on a quick weekend getaway.

A well-tailored blazer is an absolute staple for every man’s closet. It’s a simple way to maintain a polished look for every occasion. This Fashionisto’s simple navy blazer is a great buy from Combatant Gentleman, it even provides the opportunity to dress a casual outfit up a little bit—just as this dapper dude did.

The neutral tones of his outfit keep the aesthetic clean, but every stylish man knows a little pop of color goes a long way. These light brown Zara shoes bring a great dimension of color to the outfit without being overtly loud.

And, of course, with the weather still fluctuating within the 20’s, it is imperative to have proper winter gear in tow. This smart Fashionisto took the Anna Wintour route by mixing his cha-ching and toying with high-low fashion. His Polo Ralph Lauren scarf and simple grey gloves kept him warm without sacrificing style.

How To: Not entirely sure how to dress down a suit? Ditch the tie for a neutral-toned sweater and you’ll be rocking the casual cool look in no time.