ALL IN THE DETAILS: Workin' It At Work

July 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

Anybody that’s held a summer service job will agree that wearing the same ol’ uniform T-shirt every day is almost as silly as the job itself.  Sometimes it’s hard to really show your personality through your required workwear, especially if your job necessitates you to keep your hair up and to wear black pants and shoes.  The solution to this: accessorize!  Not only are cute bracelets and earrings often permitted, they can also do a lot to add interest and flair to your overall look. Statement pieces can also make for an interesting conversation as well as visual detail.

This Fashionista works as a barista at Espresso Royale, a popular coffee shop near Michigan State’s campus. While still rocking the ponytail and black sneakers of food-service workers everywhere, she keeps the attention on her hands and neck.  The varying lengths of her pendants allow each one to be shown off individually while they collaborate into an overall statement.  Her third-eye pinecone necklace, popular among spiritualists and commonly sold at music festivals, stands out as the shortest.  Her colorful wristbands contrast with her practical white watch and echo the colorful ankle bracelets that contrast with her black shoes.  This Fashionista tops off her look with a broad, neutral-colored headband.  Not only are headbands good for keeping flyaways back, but they can also bring attention to your face (not to mention, match your earrings!).

How To: Remember that pendant you liked so much at that flea market you walked through on Spring Break?  Or those earrings your aunt brought back from Peru that you love but never wear?  Dig ‘em out the next time your work shirt’s got you feeling down, and add a fun new accessory to your repertoire!