It’s winter and that usually means dark hues, or from looking at my closet, black and more black. However, we should be taking some inspiration from the recent blizzard, Juno, by bringing some more white into our lives, or more specifically, our closets.

Wearing white can be daunting, especially during the colder seasons when our tans have faded and we start to feel like lighter colors wash us out. So wearing white in the winter might sound like a bad choice, but that’s so not the case! White can add the perfect touch, as it is classic and simple. It is the perfect detail to add some light to an outfit, especially during these dreary days.

This Fashionista is rocking her winter whites with a fluffy white vest, icy blue chambray top and clean cut white slip-ons. The lighter colors totally compliment her olive complexion and auburn hair. She paired the look with black jeans to make it a little more winter appropriate. However, if you wanted to make this outfit a little bolder, throwing on some white jeans would do the trick! Overall, her white details give this outfit a soft yet sleek look. Her faux fur vest and chambray top are great winter-to-spring transitional pieces, as they are bright and pair nicely with jean shorts or a light-weight trouser. Yet, they are still practical for winter when paired with layers for winter’s colder temperatures. Another great option is this Blank white faux-shearling vest paired with this cream tunic from Target. Both are great for the current weather but can also be transitioned into spring with a nice pair of jeans.

How To: Looking nostalgically at your white jeans you haven’t worn since August? Pull ’em out! Make a stylish statement this winter season with an all white ensemble. Throw on your comfiest white sweater and your fave white converse and you’re ready to go! So let’s fight the cold this winter with our brightest whites!