ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter White Accessories

Winter is still here, but you want to wear white because let’s be honest, white is classy and goes with everything. But how do you wear white accessories without looking like you are dressing for summer? Jewelry and handbags are easy ways to add the right shade of white that’s perfect for winter while making your outfit brighter. Statement earrings, necklaces or bracelets will be eye-catching amongst all the dark winter.

This Fashionista wears multiple winter white accessories that bring her whole outfit together. A pastel colored sweater, like her Tiffany & Co. blue one, pairs well with black jeans and boots. Adding white pearl earrings and a pearl necklace looks classy and simple, while letting the white stand out against the blue. An off-white purse complements the blue sweater and black jeans. It also brightens the outfit more than a black handbag would. If pastels are not really your thing or are too girly for your sense of style, you could try wearing dark colors like black, navy or dark gray to help make your winter white really stand out.

How To: Instead of pearls you can try a different pair of earrings with a matching necklace, or just wear the earrings or necklace by themselves. An off-white or cream sweater with black jeans would be another great idea for incorporating winter white into your outfit. The handbag alone in an off-white shade makes a dark outfit brighter and helps your whole outfit stand out.