ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter Uniform

Hello Fashionistas! These past few weeks officially started the below freezing, giant puffer coat season. Everywhere I look I see scarves and hoods instead of faces. Big clunky snow boots cover feet, hoping they save us from sliding across the ice on the walk across campus. Functionality is taking over, fashion is being hidden under layers of warmth and the walk to class keeps getting more and more miserable.

This Fashionista chose to break the mold just a bit with her ensemble for the day. Even though the typical scarf, puffer and boot combination is in play, she put a new twist on it. Her black coat is made more interesting with the texture all over it. The detail is what grabbed my attention in the first place; it’s the perfect way to inject a little bit of style into the typical giant winter coat. Then I noticed her boots. These Burberry boots are so great for this time of year. Of course the iconic Burberry plaid is shown off on them, as well as her matching sunglasses (don’t worry, I made sure to tell her how awesome she is for having the matching sunglasses). To add a little splash of color, this Fashionista grabbed her kate spade bag for all of her notebooks and folders. The color of the bag, a version of marsala, is the perfect match to the rest of her outfit.

Dressing for the weather makes it hard to let your style show through, so don’t be afraid to add a little texture and color to your everyday outfits to stand out!

How To: Adding some color and texture is super simple, just throw on a statement scarf, cute earmuffs or find some colorful boots to make your outfit feel a little more special.