Let’s be honest, getting dressed in the winter season can be a serious struggle. You just want that extra 10 minutes of sleep, because no one wants to get out of a bundle of blankets. We all know what that feels like and we have definitely all been there. With the quick temperature drop it makes it almost impossible to dress warm and trendy. Instead of searching for a brand new winter wardrobe this season, try mixing and matching already worn pieces of clothing together to create a new look.

This Fashionista embodies the perfect winter mix outfit. Instead of an oversized puffer jacket, she opts for a dark burgundy-red fleece-lined trench coat. This coat is a show-stopper and it sets her apart from the sea of black down jackets. Additionally, the burgundy color is warm, so it fits the color scheme for winter. Her faux fur lined infinity scarf is the ideal cold weather accessory. The scarf is versatile — whether you decide to wear it open, such as pictured or wrapped around your neck. Not only is it glamorous but it is also extremely soft and cozy. It also adds flair to the outfit with an effortless feel, as if she just threw it on last minute (even if the outfit was planned out accordingly). Another popular item for winter is the braided knit head wrap. Whether it’s keeping your ears and head warm or you’re wearing it to cover up a bad-hair day, these head wraps are essential cold weather accessories.

There are so many ways to dress stylish for winter beyond the standard puffer-coat uniform. Embrace the cold — in a fashion forward way!

How To: Just got a colorful trench or peacoat but not sure how to wear it? Try it with a pair of neutral colored bottoms to let the coat pop! Be bold and stand out from the crowd, just because the colors of winter are dreary, does not mean your outfit choices have to be!