ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter in Shades

January 16th, 2017 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter in Shades

Hello lovelies! I am sure you are all wondering, “But Chaise who wears shades in the winter?” Well not those types of shades my love, but the shades in colors! More specifically as seen by this Fashionista shades of blue and gray.

The shade of gray in the asymmetrical jacket pairs well with the blue in the button-up top. Although the pants, booties, and jacket are all mostly gray the shades are interrupted by bright blues and whites. The headband with different shades of green and blue pull together all of the colors and their shades. A black scarf pulls the blues, whites, and grays/blacks in the outfit together as well, all the while providing warmth to our Fashionista as well. The headband and the scarf are both great examples that just proves how fashion and functionality is always a must!

Our Fashionista decides to go the more vintage route with her choice of footwear. The distressed shoes tone and make the preppy look a little more casual and relaxed. Between the asymmetry and the mixing of shades, this Fashionista skips out on excessive or attention-grabbing jewelry because it may take away from the pattern-mixing and the abundance of shades of color in this outfit.

In order to create a similar look we will focus on the floral patterned pants, the button-up top, the asymmetrical jacket, and the headband that helps with the completion of the full look.