March 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

We’ve all experienced those days on campus when the weather gets a bit seasonally confused. Maybe you walk out all bundled up and then end up wishing you had left the scarf and coat at home halfway to class. Or when spring comes around and you think it will be a gorgeous 70-degree day but it ends up being overcast and frigid. When the seasons are transitioning and you can’t be certain how warm or cold it will be, the best thing to do is layer up. Wearing lots of layers not only lets you adjust to the temperatures throughout the day, but it lets you mix up your look from class to work to club meetings.

A few of my favorite techniques for layering tastefully and fashionably include using vests and combining textures. Even if you’re more comfortable in monochromatic colors (I can’t help it, I always want to wear black!), you can use different kinds of fabric to add interest and style to your clothing.

This Fashionista is wearing head to toe black but each piece is a different material, spicing it up a bit. The pants are leather from Expressand the lace button-down is from a New Orleans boutique called Wish. The combo is an edgy, rock look that is balanced out by the flowery lace patter. The dark ensemble is complete with heeled platform boots from H&M. Thinking ahead, this Fashionista wore a cotton tank under her shear blouse and then added an additional layer with a fabulous fur vest from Urban Outfitters. Mixing leather and fur and lace is a daring combo that makes her look fashionable and  weather ready.

How To: Try finding a statement vest that you feel comfortable in but also a little wild in. Furs have been on trend since fall but suede, knit or a vibrant pattern would also be good picks to wear on top of a blouse in warmer temperatures and add on top of a jacket when it turns colder. Also, next time you see lace, leather, mesh, satin or another eye-catching material, GO FOR IT. Don’t be afraid to add an interesting texture to your wardrobe even if cotton is your comfort zone. Mix and match to really bump up the style, and get a little wild.