ALL IN THE DETAILS: Who Wears Short Shorts?

On campuses across the south, winter coats are migrating to the back of the closet while there’s still a little bite in the breeze. Everyone’s clothing is shifting into gear for the spring sunshine. With the return of the sun comes the return of tanlines and the raising of hems. Fashionistas/os alike are scraping the bottom of their drawers for a chance to expose themselves to a few of the sun’s rays.

This Fashionisto embodies the importance of the short-shorts in the transition from winter into spring. In Florida, cold weather is fleeting. It’s more important to have a stockpile of shorts to break out on warm winter days than a peacoat for the three days of frost. While this Fashionisto pairs his trainers with tall socks in preparation for a bike ride, his short-shorts keep clear of his bike chain and allow him maximum movement for his trip to the library.

Though this Fashionisto styles his cuffed khaki shorts with a cardigan for a more casual cool weather look, short-shorts are surprisingly versatile. Patterned or plain short shorts are universally flattering. This trend lends itself to being dressed up for a classy occasion (see Raf Simon’s 2013 short suits) or paired with a button-up for a polished tailgating look. When it gets a little warmer, this look can even be taken to the pool in the form of short swim shorts.

You can tell that the temperature is changing because Fashionistos are showing knee. Though the raising of hems can be a divisive subject, short shorts are a universal cure for pale winter legs and are the perfect addition to any wardrobe that is weighed down by the knit of heavy winter fabrics.

How To: Want to shed some light on those pale winter legs?  Pair a set of short shorts with your favorite button up and cardigan for the perfect pre-spring bike riding attire. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a blazer to this look for a whimsical but well-groomed take on between the seasons fashion.