Everywhere I go, it seems to me that the minimalist trend is growing rapidly. We now live in a world where less is more. This applies to people’s apartment decor, nail designs and of course, fashion. Many fashion enthusiasts refrain from the minimalist look because they worry about looking boring. Have no fear Fashionistas/os because I know the key to success when it comes to minimalist outfits. Accessories! When wearing something plain or monochromatic, all the attention goes towards the accessories one is wearing and they can make or break an outfit. By knowing what to pair with a monochromatic outfit and even adding a splash of color, you will be adding a whole new meaning to the saying less is more.

This Fashionista demonstrated the importance of accessories perfectly. Usually one would be scared to pair a white top with white shorts for fear of being washed out. In this case however, the accessories make it an outfit to die for. The Fashionista’s outfit is simple yet stands out. Along with the white top and white shorts, she added beautiful Christian Dior sunglasses. Instead of having regular bag, she chose to use a stylish, black backpack. Backpacks are extremely popular right now. The wonderful thing about this is that not only are they cute, but they are also very convenient. Instead of lugging around a heavy bag on one arm, you can have a backpack to make the walk to and from your summer classes much easier.

This Fashionista decided to pair the outfit with the ever so popular adidas Superstar shoe. The fact that sneakers are popular right now is also great for us college students who don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort. The one accessory that completes this outfit and takes it to a whole new level are the socks she is wearing. This is the only bit of color offered in the outfit and it suits it perfectly. The orange glittery socks add a sort of playfulness to the outfit without overpowering it. So although the outfit is plain, it is nowhere near boring

How To: Are you scared of relying on your accessories? Don’t worry, just start small. Adding a touch of color to your outfit with a pair of socks is simple yet effective. Minimalism is a style that will be around for a long time and by adding colorful socks, you make the outfit more personalized.