ALL IN THE DETAILS: When In Doubt, Lace It Out

It’s the little things in life.

This Fashionista is a prime example that validates this wise little saying. Sporting her favorite pair of jeans, go-to halter cami and cozy gray-scale cardigan, she takes the extra mile with this ensemble by adding an edgy pair of Dr. Martens and a boxy mini tote to the mix. While some are afraid to experiment with such bold leather pieces, our Fashionista stands fearless with the help of a little lace.

She easily transforms her outfit to a soft grunge look by adorning herself with touches of black and white lace. Her black lace bralette playfully peeks through her halter top, instantly creating a less edgy and more fun-filled look. At the same time, the rough edges of her boots are juxtaposed with the white trim on her socks, successfully delivering that harmonic yet infamous leather and lace look.

Leather and lace ensembles have been so notoriously successful on the Red Carpet, in runway shows and in city streets alike simply because of how versatile each look can be. Whether you’re going to a club, to class or even to an interview, and if done up appropriately for the occasion, you and your look will easily give off both a fierce and feminine vibe.

How To: It’s super easy to create a look similar to this Fashionista’s! The name of the game is to layer, layer and layer: grab your favorite lace tank, dress or comfy knit socks and wear them underneath your roughest and toughest attire, allowing just enough of the delicate fabric to peek through the edges of that studded sweater or combat booties.