ALL IN THE DETAILS: When in Doubt, Accessorize

If it were socially acceptable to wear pajamas in public…. well let’s not go there because now there is a tempting alternative! The T-shirt dress is a popular new trend that can be dressed up or down. While there can be some controversy over whether it is stylish or not, I believe that as long as it’s accessorized right, the T-shirt dress can be the perfect summer go-to piece. This Fashionista dressed up her basic gray dress by accessorizing with a gold statement necklace.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the T-shirt dress? Although it seems very simple, the T-shirt dress can be seen in differing silhouettes and colors. I’ve seen Fashionistas wearing flowly, fitted or boxed shaped like this Fashionista. In addition to different colors I’ve also seen different patterns. Even though there is a variety of different T-shirt dresses they share one common characteristic, comfort. It’s super easy to just throw on a T-shirt dress when you’re in a hurry but still want to look cute.

When added to a simple outfit I believe that a gold statement necklace has the potential to spice up any outfit. This Fashionista avoided looking too casual by adding one accessory. She kept the rest of the outfit simple by wearing black sandals by doing so she was able to focus the attention of her outfit on her accessory.

How to: Whether you’re dressing up a T-shirt dress or any other simple outfit, a statement necklace is a safe and stylish way to do so.