ALL IN THE DETAILS: Whatsup, Chuck?

While roaming in Rome, travelers must be prepared for the constant walking. From amazing sculptures to many markets at every corner, ones feet must be equipped. On a tour through Trastevere to its town square, I noticed many fashion savvy individuals. However, some coped better with this Mediterranean country’s conditions more than others.

I spotted a Fashionista taking pictures of monuments near a popular train station in Foro Romano. I noticed she dressed comfortably and managed to stay cool in her mini jean skirt and V-neck T-shirt. To compliment these basic pieces, she spruced her fit up with fun accessories. She wore a cross body tote reading “ A Land of Freedom.” To protect her eyes from the beaming sun, she wore dark sunglasses and a fedora with a black panel across its crown. Despite these observations, the spunky details were apparent at her soles. She wore red polka-dot socks and Converse.

Though many Italians wear Converse sneakers, the style in which she chose wore them was unique. First, she wore high-top Converse which are generally worn in the fall. Plus, they were black with accents of white instead of a summer colors. She could have easily chose a shoe with a pattern. Instead, she really utilized the functionality of Converse by pairing them with simple garments and allowing her socks to be that “standout” accessory. Her outfit has proven that they are amazing complimentary shoes for an array of styles.

How To: Are Chucks the shoe for you? Don’t be afraid. They are pretty easy to wear.
For starters, find basic pieces that compliment your style. Because there is a wide selection of Converse sneaker colors, find a neutral pair that will compliment your jean items and T-shirts.