ALL IN THE DETAILS: What’s the Pointe?

The ballet flat enjoyed many years in the spotlight of go-to shoe styles. Simple, classy and easy to mix and match, flats have come and gone as a staple item in many a Fashionista’s closet. I know what you’re thinking: flats—as we know them now—are a standard and rather safe choice of shoe when it comes to fashion. However, flats are beginning to see a shift in the landscape; new variations of the classic ballet flat are helping to bring flats back on the map.

Take this Fashionista’s funky and fab pair of flats for example. The ballet pink hue combined with the leather material from which they are made, bring a whole new ironic meaning to the name “ballet flats.” Moreover, the flats feature an elastic band that wrap around the ankle mimicking a ballet slipper’s silky pink laces. These laces not only add extra support for the wearer, but they also make the shoes appear more uniquely dainty and feminine. As a previous owner of probably close to a hundred pairs of ballet slippers, I can vouch that the ballet-inspired flats would earn a stamp of approval from current and ex-dancers everywhere.

This Fashionista is an ex-dancer herself, and she pairs her ballet flats with the perfect casual, yet dressy ensemble. She wears a flowy, watercolor floral wrap blouse from H&M and tucks it into a mid-length navy skirt to create an hourglass silhouette. The midi A-line skirt complements the flats perfectly by showing just enough leg to highlight the lacing ballerina detail. No matter if you’re a dancer or not, the pointe is, the shoes are super cute.

How To: Peruse some local shoe shops for a ballet flat with a similar lace detail, or some other variation that spices up the classic flat. These strappy, lace-up flats from Zara might inspire you on your search.