ALL IN THE DETAILS: What's That? A Hat!

As I continue to observe what the college students of New York City are currently wearing, I have come to realize two things. 1. The colder it gets, the less creativity it seems one puts into their outfit decisions. 2. Everyone seems to own the same plain black coat and wear it every day of the week. Every once in a while, though, a stylish Fashionista like this one will come along that will stand out from all the rest.

If it isn’t already obvious, I love a good outfit consisting of neutrals. This Fashionista’s outfit is a prime example of how easy it is to dress comfortably, while still looking chic. Rather than wearing a coat on this winter day, she decided to layer and complete the look with a black and white wool sweater. She chose to pair the sweater with only black components, which included jeans, a pair of boots, and a handbag. Her most notable accessory though, was the one she wore upon her head. No, it was not the usual beanie or earmuff situation. Instead, she donned a felt hat.

Thinking outside the box, felt hats are that extra “umph” that it appears many people are currently lacking. They come in a variety of styles, like this bowler hat, porkpie, wide brim fedora and cloche. So many options to choose from, and you probably haven’t even heard of half of them! Some styles even cover your ears, eliminating the need for those beanies and earmuffs. The right felt hat will effortlessly complete a look, and despite what some seem to believe, anyone can pull off a hat if they are willing to try!

How To:  Want to dress up your everyday look? No problem! Felt hats will do the trick! There are tons of styles and colors available to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect one to complete your outfit.