ALL IN THE DETAILS: What's Black, White And Red All Over?

Wednesday Adams once said, “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.”

Though she may not be a style icon, I have always loved this quote because it definitely fits the way I dress. I’m always decked out in black because it seems to fit any occasion. Plus, lets be honest, most of our closets are filled with black clothes because they are so easy to accessorize!

When wearing all-black, accessories are always key. With this chilly weather still upon us, scarves seem to be the go-to accessory, but I’ll be the last one to complain because I love my scarves! When I saw this Fashionisto in class, I instantly loved his style from head to toe. What really caught my attention was the amazing scarf he was wearing with his monochromatic outfit.

This Fashionisto found the perfect way for any guy to wear an all-black outfit. Starting with his black skinny jeans and black T-shirt creates the perfect blank canvas for the start of an amazing outfit. This Fashionisto jazzed up the outfit by adding an awesome black field jacket. Of course, you always need a good pair of black dress boots to make any trendy outfit complete. Finally, my favorite part of the outfit was the multi-colored Aztec blanket scarf. It popped against the black and looked extremely cozy for the chilly weather! I’ll definitely be purchasing one ASAP!

How To: As always, this look is super easy to get. Start out with all-black everything for the base of the outfit. Then layer with a blanket scarf to stay warm! If you’re having a hard time finding the perfect bulk scarf, use a regular Aztec blanket. Since you’re wearing all-black, you can choose any color you feel like experimenting with that day.