ALL IN THE DETAILS: What a Simple Scarf Can Do

ALL IN THE DETAILS: What a Simple Scarf Can Do

It is just a scarf. A simple piece of fabric either in a solid color or a print of some sorts. Some are light weight, like a silky material. Some are thick as a way to provide warmth during those chilly days. It all depends, and that is what is so great about scarves…the versatility.

Living in Paris, I have been given a new outlook on how to wear scarves. Back home I wore infinity scarves with my plain, uniform skirt for high school during the long and brutal winters, or I would use a thick wool scarf to protect my neck as I skied down the slopes of Colorado. Now, I wear simple, silk, smooth scarves as a fashion statement.

Today, for example, as I looked into my wardrobe trying to pick my outfit for the day, I came across my box of scarves. All different sizes, materials, colors, patterns, so many different options. I found one of my favorites, a black, white and brown colored silk scarf arranged in a cheetah pattern (my favorite because I have a pair of flats and heels which match perfectly). I grabbed this scarf and then proceeded with my daily process of picking out an outfit. Scarf, shoes, pants, shirt, a bit backwards for some? Not for me. I pulled out the bins of shoes I have stored underneath my bed and found this time a different pair of heels that I normally would wear with the scarf. I had been shopping just the day before when I found an adorable pair of army green trousers that cut off right at the ankle. Oddly enough, the colors of the pants and scarf complemented each other. Lastly the shirt, I already had the bold scarf to draw the attention so why not choose a simple, plain, white top to complete the look?

The thing about neck scarves are the culture in which you live. Back home in Saint. Louis, you won’t find many people rocking the neck scarf as it is just not a trend that has been established there yet. But living in Paris, neck scarves are key to looking like a sophisticated, Parisian woman. And that is what I am going for, right? Scarves don’t only have to be worn around your neck, I have worn them as headbands, or even belts! It all depends on the outfit and the look you are trying to go for. But just remember that you shouldn’t go overboard. Balance is key when a scarf is in use. Live on my little Fashionistas and hey maybe one of these days try adding a scarf to your wardrobe!