ALL IN THE DETAILS: Wear Your Leather On Your Sleeve

Are you familiar with the expression “wear your heart on your sleeve?” You know, the saying which figuratively encourages individuals to show their love high and bright for all to see. With the passing of Valentine’s Day last week, I’m sure many of you, or perhaps maybe just me, were somewhat blinded with sights of candy, the colors of love and also, well, many sleeves of hearts. However, we learned, namely through CollegeFashionista’s Ultimate Galentine’s Day Guide, that the holiday can be celebrated untraditionally and in more ways than one.

Although not listed on the Galentine’s Day Guide, an additional way that I like to “celebrate” the holiday is by breaking away from the tradition of wearing shades of pink or red. Regardless of my obsession with Alexa Chung’s Valentine’s Day look of a blush pink Burberry Prorsum dress, I admit that I tend to stick with black garments more times than not. This Fashionista does similarly but with a twist with a simple black knit top with leather sleeve detail. Despite the endless amount of reasons to love and wear black, the simplicity of the color can at times be in need of some T.L.C. This Fashionista, for example, takes black to a new level with her faux leather-detailed sweater from Zara.

To match her black top, she wore a simple black coat along with some awesome gold-zippered ankle boots. For accessories, she added a pair of optical Warby Parker glasses and also a plaid scarf to add some pattern as well as to finish off her look.

How To: If there is any season to get the most use out of your leather, it’s winter. Whether it be a shirt similar to this Fashionista’s or even a leather jacket, pair your leather with your favorite jeans or even dress it up with a skirt and tights for a night out look.